About Work Futur


Bibliotek Television is a community led TV station that enables people from all backgrounds to tell their stories by providing the necessary training and tools to get their voices heard.

At the core of the service are workshops and content creation. Using workshops as gathering events, people may get together and share knowledge. The library is the central point of the service which provides equipment. The content produced for BIB·TV is published online on a dedicated YouTube channel as well as associated with the libraries online presence.

As a public entity, the library is able to provide services that may not otherwise be provided, but that offer value to citizens. This value arises from the new community built around related activities at the central library. It positions the library not simply as a place of books but as a place of stories in all relevant mediums, in this case directly enhancing the contribution of online video which is arguable the most impactful form of storytelling today.

Bibliotek Television is empowering people to not simply consume stories but to contribute and make their own, all housed in the most relevant place.

After many rounds of testing, co-creation and pilot shooting, we devised a structure for the producers of BIB·TV content. As the station is volunteer led, it was important to consider a range of roles to cater for the range of abilities from experts to novices. The experts are assumed to be those with higher capacity in regards to tasks pertinent to the running of BIB·TV. Novices are there to participate and learn in order to take on increasing responsibilty in the community. All members are responsible for generating content, taking part in and running workshops as well as other activties. This also leaves space for contributors; those who do not want to be involved in the community side of things but would still like to take part.

We were able to develop a full model for the potential service and deliver this through a pitch to the central library team in Copenhagen. During a week of prototyping we worked with four individuals we met while doing interviews in the library, to create show formats and to produce content. This content was in some way linked to the library, but mostly focused on the community around it.

Our initial task a group in this project was to conceive a new service for the library that would appeal to newcomers to Denmark. We chose to focus our attention on immigrants from less economically deveolped nations, particularly those who were recent arrivals to the country. After weeks of research in this area we decided to explore the format of video and storytelling as a way to bring people in and give them a platform to express themselves. While creating our own pilot videos, we approached individuals to see if they would be interested in making content and indeed many people were. In the short time available to us, we produced around twenty hours of content in formats ranging from Go' Eftermiddag Danmark! seizing the gap in the market between morning and evening shows, featuring political interviews with the ex-labour minister of Afghanistan, to Slow-Tv live-streaming events from a particularly quiet section of the library.