About Work Futur

Hello World!

I was once like most people. Stuck in a meaningless life without a sense of direction or purpose. Luckilly for me things changed.

Ideas and a sense of purpose ripened within me. I was moved. In fact I was shaken, no, stirred, to realise that I had a responsibility to take action. More than a simple thought, it awakened within me a simple notion that one must work on passion projects; work that makes people think and inspires them.

My recent time at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design has honed critical thinking tools, allowing me to bring fresh and fun approaches to research. My priority is always to offer imaginative design solutions, using prototypes and video, to tell stories which are often speculative and sometimes pragmatic, although I do have a thing for provocation and satire.

Before this I was part of the rat-race, building a career centred around so-called digital solutions. Starting out, I created disruptive social media campaigns for Channel 4 before joining the global innovation strategy team at L'Oréal. This experience allowed me to understand what business, innovation and reality constituted in the corporate world. It also gave me the chance to work internationally and encounter bright and talented people across the world.

My stated goal and future lies in an ambition to build an institute in the city of Bangalore. The aim is to offer a multidisciplinary, free education that challenges notions of what is possible and promotes critical thinking about the world we are part of and shape. Despite my sometimes sarcastic and critical outlook, I am a firm believer in trying to effect positive change using the amazing opportunities available to us.

If any of this sounds interesting, you want to know more about a project, or if I can help you out in any way please do get in touch: